Charlie Marshall is from Charlotte, NC. For fifteen years he served on the staff of the Northside Baptist Church as an associate to Dr. W. Jack Hudson.

In 1975 he resigned his position at the church and began his evangelistic ministries. Charlie Marshall conducts Prophecy Conferences, Family and Children's Crusades, School Revivals as well as Bus and Teacher Training Sessions. He is considered the “Teacher's Friend”.

Since 1975 he has conducted over 1,200 revival meetings and over 45,000 salvation decisions have been made in these meetings.

Evangelist Marshall is now dealing with Bible Prophecy. In his meeting he uses a large screen to visualize television news clips that show how Bible Prophecy is being fulfilled. His preaching is informative, up-to-date and Bible centered. He believes there is going to be a dramatic change take place on the earth in the near future. Government will be changed, people will be changed, animal life will be changed and the earth itself will be changed. “This is not my idea”, he says “This was prophesied in the Bible several thousand years ago.” Open your Bible and let's study together.